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Agitations and animation

(Journal entry)
Authors: Shann, S. .

Title: Agitations and animations.

Journal: English in Australia.

Impact factor: ' A' ranked journal. 

Tags: journal publications, VC1, 4.2 (2013), ECTC publications

'A' Journal: 'Both alike in dignity'

(Journal entry)
Authors: Shann S, Edwards C, Pittard E & Germantse H

Title:  'Both alike in dignity'

Journal:  English in Australia, Vol. 48, No. 2...
Tags: journal publications, VC1, 4.2 (2013), SETC publications, ECTC publications, 4.2 (2014)

'A+' Journal: Community & conversation: tacklin...

(Journal entry)
Authors: Shann, S., Germantse, H., Pittard, L., & Cunneen, R.

Date: 2013/2014

Title: Community and conversation: tackling beginning...
Tags: journal publications, VC1, 4.2 (2013), ECTC publications, 4.2 (2014)

Breathing life into professional development

(Journal entry)
The following report from the Brisbane English Teacher' Conference (AATE) will be appearing in the ACT English teachers' journal (ACTivAT...
Tags: SETC publications, ECTC publications


(Journal entry)
Date: Article finished but not yet submitted

Title: Talk

Journal: Unpublished

Impact factor: 

Abstract: Lani and Thomas knew...
Tags: journal publications, mythopoetic publications, ECTC publications, SETC publications, 4.2b (2013)
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