What is Mahara and how do I use it?

 Important notes

  • Sharing settings:  Pages you create are set to private as default, you need to change the settings if you wish to share your portfolio. 
  • Public = world wide web searchable, 
  • Logged in users = ALL UC staff and students, not just your unit class cohort. As soon as you share a page the people you have given access will be notified via the "Latest Pages" block on their dashboard, and via email.
  • Your Profile Page is automatically shared with ALL Logged in users (this can not be changed).  If you don’t want your personal particulars to be shared with all of UC, DO NOT include your personal details ie student number, personal email address, mobile number etc on your Profile Page.

Do you need help?

If you need help using the ePortfolio(Mahara):

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